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2020 Dakar comes to Asia

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November 20th 2019, The Arab World Institute announced the race routine and  of 2020 Dakar to the public.

2020 Dakar will be held from 5th Jan to 17 Jan, total distance 7856km, special stage covers 5097km, including 12 stages and 1 day off. There are 5 stages longer than 450km, including 65% desert track and mountains, valleys, plains, sand tunes are all involved.

The official entry list includes 351 vehicles, including 170 bicycle and motorcycle, 134 sedans and 4-wheel drive automobiles, and 45 trucks. In the entry list, there are at least 15 Chinese( include driver and co-driver).

New additional rules

1、Color printed road book will be handed to every team in the morning of the each stage.

2、Filling up area of special stage: Not only the motorcycle team forced to have 15min rest, this year every team must take rest according to the rule.

3、At the NEOM base of 2nd stage, all motorcycle(including 4-wheel motorcycle) have 10 min for maintenance. At the SHUBAYTHAN base of 10th stage, only racers can fix the vehicles, no aid is allowed.

4、Retired racer, except the racer quit because of medical reasons, can regain the entry qualification via the ranking of “Darker Experience”. The purpose of this new rule is to help the rookies to gain more experience in Dakar, the elite racer do not have this opportunity.

5、T4.3 Truck group: backup truck must restart from the point where the truck get rid of the rescue.

Hello everybody

Welcome to the world of Dakar

Let’s review the 40-year history of Dakar together

The stories of Dakar

40-year history of Dakar

Section 1


In1970s, Africa is an unknown land for Europeans. Thierry Sabine conquered the African land with 74 vehicles. This is the first Dakar, a miracle in Sahara.

Dakar attracted many stars and best drivers in the world. Soon, the rally became a flag of auto sport industry.


Thierry Sabine lost his way in Libyan Desert, and was very close to death, while he competed in Abidjan-Nice Rally.After rescued from the desert, he sworn to god that he would share with the world about the magic power of desert.

1978-Dreams come true

26th Dec 1978, 170 adventurers, from Algeria, Nigeria, Mario, Upper Volta, and Senegal, started their 10000km adventure tour. At last, 74 vehicles reach the destination-- Independence Square Dakar. 

1983-Full-throttle campaign of Ickx 

All the best drivers from all over the world answer to the call of Dakar.

1986- Tragedy

Thierry Sabin ,Daniel Balavoin, François-Xavier Bagnoud(the pilot ),Nathalie Odent(the reporter), Jean-Paul Lefur (the broadcast technician) lost their lives in helicopter accident. Since then, Gilbert Sabin take over and held the Dakar Rally.

1992- Cross through Africa from north to South

From the starting point capital of Senegal, Dakar competitors were facing a special challenge. The competitors must cross 11 countries, from North Africa to South Africa, 12500km long distance track to reach the destination Cape Town of South Africa. Stipin Peterson ( Motorcycle group) and Hubert O 'hare(Automobile group) championed the Dakar.

1998-Stephane Peterhansel, the 6-time winner

Stephane Peterhansel stood out in Orioli and Arcarons, becoming the acknowledged 1st driver in 1990s. He broke the record of Cyril Neveu.

2000-At the foot of the Pyramid

At the beginning of new century, Richard Sines( Motorcycle group) and Louis Schlesser (Automobile group) championed themselves at the foot of the Pyramid of Giza.

2001- Miss Dakar


Miss Juta Klein Schmidt championed 2001 Dakar on behalf of Mitsubishi. She is the only one female Dakar Champion until now. Her first experience in Dakar is in 1988, as a motorcycle entry.

2008- Cancle the competition


Étienne Lavigne announced the cancellation of Dakar Rally right on the eve of the start in Lisbon , because France government learned that the terrorists are aiming Dakar.  Although the contestants were under huge stroke, they had to respect the decision of organizer.

Section 2:

South America (2009-2019)

The cancellation of 2008 Dakar, under the threaten of terrorist, leaded to a imperative revolution in Dakar.

Dakar had experienced a magical travel-- transatalantic voyage. The enthusiast from Argentina and Chile presented the Dakar to the followers from all over the world. Contestants need to deal with the high altitude of Andes, and the complex terrain sand dune, Atacama Desert, Fiambala valleys and Ica Desert.

2009- Rebirt in Buenos Aires

Dakar’ comming cheered the enthusiast from Argentina up. 4 Million audiences cheer for the new era.

2012- Pacific Challenge

After 3 times event in Buenos Aires, Dakar switched to Pacific coach of Chile.

2014-Vertiginous height


Bolivia is the 28th country to receive Dakar. Salar de Uyuni of Altiplano and Ular launched a new test to contestant: the ultimate high altitude which affects both the performance of human and vehicle.

                                                                     Section 3:
2020- Saudi Arabia

The story of Dakar is continuing. Dakar was held by the biggest country in arabian peninsula. Saudi Arabia is a vast territory with various desert terrain. 

Competitors are facing an unknown territory, it is an unprecedented challenge.

Dakar--an incomparable adventure to human beings

Dakar’s history is the history of the most beautiful desert in the world, the most sever sport challenge in our era.

Dakar is a furious directional competition, gathering the greatest rally racers and hobbyist in the world. They fulfill their dream of adventuring the world and challenge themselves with their vehicles.

In the past 40 years, 500 adventurers from 60 nations gather together to finish the 15-day special competition and write the unusual history of human beings.

2020 Dakar
the most crazy dream of the braves

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