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    France SMG

    In 2016, Hanwei Racing Co., Ltd. jointly developed the rear-drive racing car and refitting technology, and served the long-distance cross-country race. For the first time, Hanwei Racing Co., Ltd. won the 2016 Tour Tall Rally Championship in one fell swoop, and won the sixth two-drive group championship in the Silk Road Racing Competition.

  • The SMG fleet is from France.

    Founded in 1997

    He has been involved in many fields of racing, such as ice and snow rally, endurance race, cross-country race, classic car rally race, and has won many honors. In 2003, SMG decided to focus its future research and development on the development of two-wheel racing cars in long-distance cross-country races. Mr. Philip, the founder of SMG, led his team to integrate decades of professional experience and build a car that represents the highest level of two-wheel technology. In 12 years of Dakar's career, he has won eight Championships in two driving groups and four championships in stages. In Dakar in 2014, Carlos Saynes, who drives SMG BUGGY, was the only palpitating opponent of the mighty MINI Four Drivers.

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