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"China Sports Lottery Cup" the 3rd Zhejiang Provincial Sports Industry Leader List


Name / Position / District / Reason for listing

Yang Yong/ General Manager of Ali Sports Co., Ltd Zhejiang Branch/ Hangzhou/ Digital operation of Marathon

Jiao Fengbo/ General Manager of Zhejiang Green Town Football Club/ Hangzhou/ Pioneer of Football Club industry

Zhang Di/ General Manager of Shaoxing Qiaobo Ice&Snow World/ Running Skiing training Department, make southerners love skiing

Han Wei/ Founder of Hangzhou LEFIT Internet Technology Co., Ltd/ Hangzhou/ integrate internet element into the sports and fitness industry

Han Wei/ General Manager of Zhejiang Lichi Motor Co., Ltd/ Taizhou/ dream chaser and builder of Chinese Motorsport competition 

Lu Tunhua/ Chairman& General Manager of Mobi Garden Outdoor Product Co., Ltd/ Quzhou/ Leader of outdoor product industry and founder of Chinese leading original brand

Li Yuguang/ General Manager of Zhejiang Deqing Jiusheng Motor Co., Ltd/ Huzhou/ Leader of Chinese bicycle manufacturing industry

Hong Shuohong/ General Manager of BONNY COMPOSITE-TECH (TONGXIANG) Co., Ltd, Carbon fiber hockey stick manufacture with biggest producing capacity in the world.

Zhe Peiwen/ Chairman of  Hangzhou Qiandaohu Pei Sheng Boat Co.,Ltd/ Hangzhou/ promising Made-in-Zhejiang brand, sales network cover more than 100 countries and district

Wu Peng/ Founder of Star of Peng/ Hangzhou/ representative of world champion-to-entrepreneur transformation, enrich the sport industry with new ideas

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