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2019 Silkway Rally

July 16th, 2019 Silkway Rally came to the end. All the racing group gathered in Dunhuang Gansu Province to embrace their glory moment. Han Wei and Liao Min group with 208 vehicle finish the whole course on behalf of Geely Auto Shell Lubricant team and win 3rd place, breaking the record made by themself in 2017. Han Wei refresh the Chinese record in Silkway and let the Five-Starred Red Flag shine on the international arena again. From Jiayuguan Pass to Dunhuang, the SS10 of Silkway Rally covers 556km distance, including 225km special track. The special track involves desert, gobi, canyon and prairie terrain. 208 Vehicle group finished the racing day with no rashness, since 30 minute lead are with them.

As the core force of Chinese racers in international competition, Han Wei and Liao Min group are given high expectation.  Despite the drawing cylinder problem, Hanwei group firm their confidence and operate at their own pace. Han Wei group achieves the final harvest 

While reaching the destination, Han and Liao embraced each other to celebrate their victory. It is an exciting moment in Chinese Auto Sport history. As the legend creators and record keepers, the golden partner never forget their first thought and always follow their heart.

In an interview, Han Wei make an comment on their performance this time,”Today, we arrive the destination successfully. We are very happy and exciting. This time is a challenge for us. The sand getting into the engine caused much trouble to us. We are loosing much engine oil every day. Fortunately, we have of Shell Lubricant. With the help of Shell Lubricant we arrived Dunhuang safely. Shell Lubricant really helped a lot this time, true to its name. Today we finished the last racing day, and we enjoyed the grand sight on the road.”

Review this competition, SMG Bumblebee legion take the lead all the way, they occupied half place of top 10 in several racing day. Eventually, they continue the their legend in Dunhuang. In 2019 Silkway, not only Han Wei created individual record, winning second place in Automobile group, Sun Ping, Zhang Ming, Zi Rong, Niu Banding win the 4th, 5th, 6th and 11th in the car group, respectively.

It’s worth mentioning that NO 235-Sun Ping/ Ma Li group of Shanxi Yunxiang Team once 10 minutes away from the 3rd place. It is very happy for Sun Ping, who was driving the SMG Hornet for the first time to participate in international competitions.
In an interview after competition, Sun Ping says,” Generally, it is a smooth race all the way, no big mistake. And the vehicle is awesome. It is my first experience in international competition, finishing the competition is already a cheerful result.”

 After 5,000 kilometers, the 2019 Silk Road Rally, across three countries in Eurasia, ended successfully today. Thanks the drivers for their wonderful competition and congratulations to No. 208 Han Wei / Liao Min car team for creating great results. I wish them to surprise us again in the next 2020 Dakar.


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