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2019 Taklimakan Hardships Make Heroes

2019, all the Geely Team racer finished Taklimakan Rally.Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team won both individual and manufacturer’s champion. SMG bumblebee swept the top six seats, leaving an unforgettable history. People always want to ask heroes how do they achieve success. Heroes all tell the same key to success, such as hardworking, making great effort, perseverance... After heard these common words, people turn and leave. People think heroes brush them off. But it is the truth. Heroes just use their life time to practice these common words.

These Geely racers who is now cheering on the stage have once looked up at racing stars, just same as us. Too many people turn their nose at these standard of success, but our racers accept it with humble heart and act it out. Finally, they become the warrior in desert and soldier of yellow  Geely legion out from nothing.

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