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2019 Tower Rally is difficult to protect, it is a hero

  The 2019 Tower Rally Geely team successfully completed the race. The Geely Automobile Shell Lubricant Team won the individual and the manufacturer's “double champion”. The SMG Hornet took the top six seats in the total score, leaving an indelible impression on the world.
   Someone asks a hero, how did you succeed? Heroes often talk about diligence, hard work, persistence... These ordinary words can't be ordinary words. They have heard countless times and turned around and left, thinking that they are just perfunctoring themselves. They don’t know that everything can be a few common words. Those who use all their strength to combine are heroes.
   Look at the Geely drivers who are cheering on the starting platform. They used to look up at the "giant" aura like us. Many people scorned the standard of success. They chose to accept it and put it into practice. The yellow army that fought hard in the desert that dominates the world will eventually become the Geely dynasty sweeping the world.
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