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2019Silk Way Rally

July 16
  The 2019 Silk Road Rally ended the competition of the last stage of the competition. The car group ushered in its own glory moment in Dunhuang, Gansu Province. On behalf of the Geely Automobile Shell Lubricant Team, the No. 208 Han Wei/Liao Min car group went smoothly. Complete all the stage competitions and break the best result of the third place in the international long distance cross-country races set by the Chinese team set in 2017, and complete the competition as the runner-up of the auto group. While refreshing China's speed, the five-star red flag will once again shine in the international arena. The tenth stage of the day will be 556 kilometers from Jiayuguan to Dunhuang, including the desert, Gobi, canyon and grassland roads. The No. 208 team was not in a hurry under the leadership of nearly 30 minutes, and smoothly drove the car to Dunhuang.
  As the backbone of the Chinese car group in the international competition, the 208th Han Wei/Liao Min car group representing Geely Automobile Shell Lubricant Team participated in the competition was given high hopes at the beginning of the event, although the entire car group has been suffering since the start of the competition. After the Tournament, there was a problem with the “pull-cylinder” problem, but the entire car group was still firm in its message, and it was not anxious to follow the rhythm of the event to achieve the perfect result of the event.
  After arriving at the finish line, Han Wei and Liao Wei celebrated this "golden partner". This exciting historical moment, as a participant in this legendary event and the record holder of the Chinese Legion, has always been a pioneer. Forget the heart and fight from the heart.
  For the performance of the entire car group, Han Wei said in an interview after the game, "Today, we have successfully reached the end, very happy. This event is a challenge for us, and the problem of racing engine sand has kept me worried. It takes a lot of oil every day.
· Fortunately, with the support of Shell Heineken Lubricant, let us arrive in Dunhuang all the way. Thanks to Shell Helix for giving us strong support. The extremely clean and extraordinary Heineken is well-deserved. Today we are in the last stage, stable. After the run, enjoy the scenery brought by the entire track."
  Looking back at this year's event, the entire SMG Hornet Army marched all the way, and occupied the first half of the stage several times. Finally, they also extended their outstanding performance to Dunhuang. This year's competition is not only the result of Han Wei's success, but also the performance of the entire SMG Hornet Legion, which is the runner-up of the auto group. Sun Ping, Zhang Ming, Zhai Rong, Niu Ban Ding, and the car group. 4, 5, 6, 11 people.
  It is worth mentioning that the No. 235 Sun Ping/Holi team of the Shaanxi Yunxiang Legion was close to the third place of the car group and only 10 minutes away from the third place. This is the result of Sun Ping, who participated in the international competition for the first time driving the SMG Hornet chariot.
In the interview after the game, Sun Ping said that "in general, this year's event is very smooth, no mistakes have been made, the car is also very strong, the first time to participate in this international competition, it is very happy to finish the race. ”
  After 5,000 kilometers, the 2019 Silk Road Rally, which spans three countries in Eurasia, has come to an end today. Thank you for your wonderful competition and congratulations to the 208 Han Wei / Liao Min car group, and create a good performance, I wish them a surprise again in the next 2020 Dakar.
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