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"Hanwei motorsport " is one of the largest and strongest professional service providers in China, which integrates research and development, design, manufacture, driver training and event service.
"Hanwei motorsport" is a professional team registered by China Automobile and Motorized Federation with international background. Since its inception,Hanwei motorsport has attracted a large number of international and domestic top professional drivers to join. It has won many awards since 2010. Among them, there are many top domestic championships, such as COC Field Off Road Championship,the Taklimakan Rally, China Off Road rally, and won the third place in the Silk Way Rally in 2017, which has created the best result of the Chinese team at the international level. In 2018 the Taklimakan Rally he won the whole championship again, creating the best record of China's four-year three championships.
2019, all the racer of Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team finished the whole race and won both individual and manufacturer’s champion. SMG bumblebee swept the top six seats
2019, Hanwei hit the second place in Silkway Rally for Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team, and renewed the Chinese speed record.
2020, Han Wei and Liao Ming group with Race No 322 won the 10th place in 46h,50m,24s for Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team, and renewed the Chinese record in Dakar.




Endless desert, 7000km extremely tough long-distance race, it is what we say about Dakar Rally. Han Wei( race No 322) and his codriver Liao Ming lead Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team to conquer the Dakar with their fearless heart. Even now, Han recalls the memory of 12-day-race, just fells like it is yesterday. The race makes his blood boil, and awakes his ambition to conquer the world. Finally Han and his team won the 10th place in the Dakar, and even placed as top 9 in three race day. He created the best score in Dakar since 2003. Han refresh the history of auto sports, lead the Chinese to step into the Top 1 group of international competition.

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Hanwei racing car, currently serving Geely Automobile, U. S. fixed platinum tires and other corporate customers, a total of 12 SMG Bumblebee racing cars, active in the domestic and outdoor cross-country arena.

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With the brand advantages and high technology of "Hanwei Racing Car", we can accurately enter the Blue Sea market of high-performance off-road entertainment vehicles and expand the world.

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