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Mr. Zhang Chuanzong, founder of FORTY-NINE UNION, used to be the general manager of many businesses of Lenovo Group, an international brand. In 2015, he left Lenovo Group and started a new retail company - FORTY-NINE UNION with a new business model in equity crowdfunding. Mr. Liu Jun, global Executive Vice President and China President of Lenovo Group, is the chairman of FORTY-NINE UNION.
Adhering to the ecological layout of "superior product, direct source", FORTY-NINE UNION has been engaged in Maotai-flavor grain liquor from Moutai Town, Guizhou, China; ecological tea with high quality technology by masters from famous mountains; organic ingredients and world famous wines at home and abroad; craft beer.
Adhering to the principle of "conscience economy" and advocating industrial upgrading, FORTY-NINE UNION is a growing and vigorous enterprise established by crowdfunding and innovation.

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