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Geely Automobile

The "Geely Automobile" team was formed by "Han Wei Racing". Since its establishment in 2016, it has continuously competed in China's Ring Tower Rally, Dakar China Rally, International Silk Road Rally, and many other events. The first show of the 2016 International Class 1 Silk Road Rally won the sixth place in the total score of the game, creating the best results for Chinese drivers and teams in international racing. The 2017 and 2019 Silk Road Rally won consecutive breakthroughs in 2017. The third place in the game, 2019 won the second place in the audience, the record has been refreshed. In 2018, the ring tower rally once again won the championship, creating the best result of the Chinese team's four-year-old three-ring ring rally history, and 2019 won the ring tower team and the driver double crown.

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