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China Sports Auto City fight for the dream and set off for the future

  Then a group of people, they used to ride the sand and cross the jungle.
  Then a group of people, they used to be home, the champion is a dream
  Then a group of people, they have set off the future of Chinese racing
  However, after the baptism of time, it was hindered by reality that the dream was bound by life and bound by pressure. But the racing dreams are still buried in their hearts.
  Today, Zhejiang, Quzhou, Kecheng has a place where you can forget the troubles and sorrows of looking for yourself. Let you realize your own racing dream, glory dream, passion dream.
  On the evening of August 29th, the launching ceremony of the China Sports Auto City project, the first sports car city in China, jointly organized by Kecheng District People's Government and Geely Group, was officially held at Shuitingmen Square.
  The China Sports Auto City project is located in Jiuhua Township and is the core project of the “Sports Car Adventure Zone” in the “3+2+2” spatial layout planning of Kecheng Lingshan National Forest Sports Town. The project construction period is 5 years and is implemented in three phases. The planned area is 3,220 mu, which will create five sections: Passion Track Zone, Automobile R&D and Wenchuang District, Automobile Refit Zone, Tourism and Commercial Comprehensive Supporting Zone, and Auto Health Community.
Deputy Secretary of the Quzhou Municipal Committee, Mayor Tang Feifan, Li Xing, Vice President of Geely Group, and Han Wei, the famous driver, attended the ceremony. Xu Lishui, Secretary of the District Party Committee, delivered a speech. District leaders Xu Liantu, Liu Min and Bao Jihong attended the launching ceremony.
  At the launching ceremony, the two VCRs played did not know how many people's dreams were carried. China Sports Automobile City is a new direction that combines Geely's dream of building a car for nearly 30 years. It is a new starting point for "making the world full of auspiciousness". It is the dream of Han Wei and the heart of the players.
"Han Wei Racing" has achieved brilliant achievements after 12 years of development, but who knows the hardships and twists and turns in the past 12 years? Countless difficulties are like a boulder to Han Wei. He endures the pain and courage, never shrinks and gives up, because the car is a life.
He chose to insist, but how many brothers who fought side by side chose to retreat. The "China Sports Automobile City" project carries the dream and confirms the past, but it also gives more opportunities to the "Korean Weis" ten years ago.
Helping the civilian riders to realize their dreams of racing is Geely’s dream, the dream of Han Wei’s racing, and the dream of Zhangzhou’s development of sports and comprehensive fitness plan. The three dreams are combined into one, and the greatness of the Chinese nation is realized. The revival of the "Chinese Dream" is the perfect embodiment of the racing field.
  With the official launch of the project, in the near future, China Sports Automobile City will become the largest benchmark in the Yangtze River Delta region and even the country with the most complete facilities, the best service and the most complete functions.
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