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2019 Taklimakan Geely and Bunlebee's Glory Moment

Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team attend 2019 Taklimakan

The sharpest weapon against challenge is capability and eagerness to win. 

June 1st, 2019 Taklimakan came to the end, it is the toughest in Taklimakan history. The whole course covers 5000km, 60% of the course is desert. Only 31% racer finish the course. In another word, only a quarter of the contestants completed the game. The data can tell how cruel the game is.

SMG BUMBLEBEE Legion sent 10 groups to fight in 2019 Dakar. After more than 10 days tough fighting, all the groups finish the race. Geely Auto Shell Lubricant Team won both individual and manufacturer’s champion. SMG bumblebee swept the top six seats. There is no doubt that we are the biggest winner in 2019 Taklimakan.

As the leading goat of automobile sports in China, Hanwei Motorsport always has higher aspiration to game. The team arm to the teeth for the Taklimakan challenge.

Team Manager Su Pengcheng said, “Before 2019 Dakar, we already started the preparation job for Taklimakan Rally, such as purchasing spare parts and technician upgrade. In this way, we can dedicate in the preparation work for 2019 Taklimakan Rally, once we back from Dakar. We got much more pressure in preparation, since we have more vehicles this year. With years of experience, we arrange all the work properly and finish all the work before the game started.”

Thanks to the well preparation, Bumblebee Legion achieved outstanding scores. The 2019 Taklimakan came to a successful conclusion for Hanwei Motorsport, all the 10 bumblebee vehicle complete the game and got glorious result.


It means that our team has become the world class top grade racing team, and our racers are very competitive in international games.

All the racing group are in the top 10, and the first 6 seats are all Bumblebee vehicle. This is very successful conclusion for Hanwei Motorsport. 

2019 Tallimakan Rally is famous for the complex terrain and high rate of soft desert track. For Hanwei Motorsport which was just back from Dakar, which is more difficult, Dakar or Taklimakan?

In an interview, Hanwei said “ This is the toughest Taklimakan Rally I have ever experienced. Compared to Dakar, I will say they have their own different hard points. Dakar’s difficulty is in the whole race course. If only from the point of SS3, the Taklimakan is harder. If talk about the whole course, no doubt Dakar is tougher. For experienced SMG Bumblebee racers, handling the desert driving is not a big problem. For Hanwei, after racing in 2019 Dakar, the difficulty of 2019 Taklimakan is already in his contemplation. Relatively speaking, this year is easier than usual.”

SMG Bumblebee do not just focus on the domestic games, recently the team is preparing for the Silkway Rally which will be held in July.

“We are making full preparation for the Silkway Rally. This time, we have 7 vehicles. SMG Bumblebee will be the largest Legion in Silkway. We also hope, we can have some break in Silkway this time. Meanwhile, we are making positive preparation for 2020 Dakar. We also hope we can presenting a new look in Dakar.”

A idiosyncratic and imposing team
The definition Su Pengcheng gave to Hanwei Motorsport, and also the direction for future development.
For now, we already make many achievement in domestic competition terrain.
Behind the glory
Massive fundamental and detail work need to be done.


In near future
Conquering Dakar and other international competition
Competing with foreign experts
Are the thing we need to do
We are young team form a developing country
We are a young team with pride and ambition to gallop track

Life is a competition
We eager to win
Keep fighting
We deserve the success today
And we will success tomorrow

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